Affordable Monitoring: $16.45/month

Affordable Alarm Monitoring: only $16.45/month


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Affordable Monitoring

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Would you pay $50-$60 per month for basic cable TV?
Would you pay $5.00-$
7.00 per gallon for gas?
Would you pay $15-$18 for a single movie ticket?

Then why are you paying
$20-$35 per month
for alarm monitoring?

How can Affordable Monitoring offer you monitoring for as low as $16.45 per month?

Because Affordable Monitoring

or eliminates all non-monitoring costs and overhead!

What is bundling? The ongoing service provisions for burglar alarm systems consists of two parts:
1. Alarm Monitoring Service
2. Alarm System Service (Maintenance)
Traditionally, alarm companies charge the customer a fee that covers monitoring and either covers or subsidizes service and equipment cost. Combining the two services is called bundling. Why pay for overhead that you don't use?

Why Unbundle Monitoring? Monitoring costs are fixed for all customers. Service costs vary over the entire customer base. In the Alarm Industry 20% of the customers have 80% of the service problems. That means that those remaining 80% of the customers are paying too much for their monitoring service.

Affordable Monitoring Service sells unbundled monitoring service and has access to a National Dealer network to provide alarm system service for customers who need it.