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Affordable Monitoring

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Monitoring - Existing Systems

Today in the United States there are 35 million burglar and fire alarm systems, 17 million of them are monitored. Most alarm systems manfactured in the last 15 years have monitoring capabilities built into the main control panel. Some alarms have proprietary control panels and keypads. These alarm systems can only be monitored with special receivers. When an alarm company uses a proprietary control their customers can only be monitored by that alarm company's central stations. In most cases these companies charge $25.00 to $30.00 per month for their monitoring services. Usually these  controls can be replaced for about $200.00. The new control can then be monitored by any central station. Keypads are around $100.00 each.

Affordable Monitoring Service and their national dealer network can reprogram your existing alarm system for as little as $95.00 to one of our UL Listed Central Monitoring Stations. Monitoring is $16.45 per month. All contracts are for one year only (payable in advance).

Converting Existing Systems:
If your alarm system is currently monitored, you can tafke advantage of lower monitoring rates with Affordable Monitoring Service. Look at your current monitoring agreement to determine your obligations to your current alarm company and the process outlined within that contract you must follow in order to cancel the services . You may also send a copy of the contract to Affordable Monitoring Service and we can assist you in interpreting and outlining your obligations under the terms of your present contract. For more information on your present agreement go to the 'Your Present Contract' page.

In order to convert the monitoring on your alarm system monitoring to Affordable Monitoring Service we will need to determine the particulars of your present alarm system. Please take the time to fill out the enrollment information for our services.

If your alarm system has a proprietary nature and can only be monitored by your current alarm company we can recommend replacement controls and keypads that can be monitored by any company. The cost of replacement can easily be recovered with the savings from the first year or two of Affordable Monitoring's services.